Name: Cue
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Cursor

(Drawn by Pocket)
Cue's face is perfectly white with a vertical red stripe separated by a white circle in the middle of his face. He has no eyes, no mouth, no ears and no nose. His torso is also white with a vertical blue stripe separated by a his navi emblem, consisting of a cue ball with a cue stick aimed at it, producing a Q shape. His left arm is is thin and lined with a series of multicoloured stripes. His right arm up to his elbow is green with his forearm being red. Each of his hands are white with 3 digits. He wears an orange belt with black external briefs. His right thigh is purple, with a green boot and his left thigh is blue with a yellow boot.
Curious about the world and new things, Cue tends to ask a lot of questions. He is usually calm and pleasant but is also somewhat cocky in his abilities and won't hesitate to fight if provoked. His favourite phrase is, "stripes or solids" since he believes that all people fall into one of these two categories. He has no preference towards either answer but believes himself to be a striped individual.
Custom Weapon: A cue stick and floating billiard balls.
Signature Attack:
Break Shot - Cue shoots a cue ball at high speed at a single target that is meant to shatter defences.
Effects - 40 damage (40) + break (20)
Cost - 60 signature points (60)
Cooldown - 2 turns