Failureman is covered entirely in bandages except for two small cracks on his face where his eyes show through. He wears a bulky piece of armour that covers the top half of his torso and two plates along on his right arm. His navi emblem, an upper case 'F', is situated on his chest just under a cleft in the armour. His left arm looks tubular, ending in a series of long bandage-like fingers. He wears a belt with one strap falling straight down in a disintegrating end and an interlocking hexagonal buckle. Two bandages protrude from his back that flap very gently on their own.

Failureman is mellow and kind of dull; he's not easily excitable but easily amused. He sometimes repeats himself if he gets stuck in a loop. However, he is a very devoted navi and appreciates Albert's constant efforts to upgrade and improve him.

Custom Weapon:
F-Buster (version 5.0) - A buster that, in addition to shooting normal rounds, is able to reload data in a localized area, restoring its condition.

Signature Attack:
Source Leak - Failureman removes a bandage from his body and splashes his target with some of his code. When separated from his body and without his other routines to fix the errors, even minute traces of Failureman's source can heavily corrupt whatever program it comes into contact with. However, it is still a part of him and the loss of code would be equivalent to a small amount of damage sustained.

Effects - 80 damage (80)
Cost - 60 signature points (60) + Sacrifice 15 (20)
Cooldown - 2 turns

Albert, a programming student at Netopia University, had an assignment one day to create a navi. Instead of using the navi template as a base and modifying it like the other students, Albert felt he could create the navi from scratch. However, he wasn't a very good programmer to begin with and ended up making the navi who would later become known as Failureman. The navi was poorly written: Full of unnecessary code, variables and functions that were never called and loads of malfunctioning subroutines. For some reason though, despite all the errors, the navi still compiled and functioned... Barely.

The professor, upon seeing the navi Albert had created, gave him a failing grade on the assignment. He said it was the worst excuse for a navi he had ever seen and demanded that Albert delete the navi immediately. Albert protested and believed that his navi could truly become great given enough time and effort and went against the professor's wishes. All the while, Failureman was running in the background watching as his creator fought for his right to exist. He was speechless and vowed to always follow Albert no matter what.

Albert brought him home and fixed him up with various patches to keep him from falling apart. Since Albert had been so concerned with only the programming aspect of his navi, he didn't think about naming him so he named him Failureman due to the failing grade he was given. Failureman doesn't see the name as an insult but more as a reminder that despite what he is, he still has a great operator and friend in Albert.