Name: Das_Marionette.EXE
(Affectionately referred to as "M" by its operator)

Gender: Unspecified (presumably male)

Element: Wood

Type: Cursor

Appearance: Mysterious and downright sinister are two of the best ways to describe this odd case of a Network Navigator. It is the manifestation of Jan's morbid fascinations to the macabre (a leisure pursuit which he takes care not to make public), particularly his attraction to the dismal form of the string marionette. Its entire body is draped with blue and purple cloth, and the only visible parts were its head and its feet. His face... it had no face in the literal sense. A wooden jaw is all it has, and even that did nothing except move up and down whenever it spoke. He was the true Marionette: dull and lifeless in every physical aspect.

Black-and-White/Colored Picture

Personality: "M" is not exactly as sociable as the typical Net Navi (partly because most everyday Net Navis are too afraid to even come near him), and much like the faceless wooden effigy it is devoid of all emotion. But not completely devoid, because then that would be extremely boring (as Jan once said). He was still capable of a chuckle or two, but otherwise showed only mutual respect to those brave enough to come up to him and ask questions. M kept to himself majority of the time, and would usually spend those long, uneventful occasions refining his own knowledge on trivial matters with his operator; the puppet Net Navi enjoyed a good debate as much as Jan did, which was one of the things the two had in common.

Custom Weapon

Karakuri: Inspired by an ingenious oriental contraption known as the karakuri ningyo—the word itself meaning a mechanical device used to trick or take a person by surprise—the Navi's seemingly endless range of weaponry consists of strange, wooden digital machinery and wooden puppets in different sets of equipment (depending on the given situation). This also has an effect on the battlechips it uses, changing them visually to suit its distinct macabre appearance. But it is all for the sake of visual appeal and does nothing to alter its combat effectiveness and whatnot. On the side-note, Marionette's robes look awfully suspicious...

Signature Attack

Marionette's Embrace: The puppet-like Navi's suspicious-looking robes elongate and, like extensions of its own body, stretch out toward its target with the speed and intensity of a lashing whip. When the draperies—three separate lengths of them—reach their mark they then begin to wrap around the said target in a deadly embrace (although "strangle" would have been more appropriate). They tighten their grip slowly, torturing the opponent as they literally squeezed the life out of the one unfortunate enough to get caught in their deadly grasp.

[Effect: "Life Drain," 30 points]