Name: Ookami.Exe

Gender: Male

Element: Wood

Type: Wind

Appearance: He seems to wear a scarf, but this only deceive the eyes -It's a blur of multicoloured data that change both color and shape upon his status and takes form a he seem fit. His eyes, acting the same as his "Scarf" change color but generally stay a dark Purple. His body colors are dark purple and black. (He's not gay by-the-way)

Personality: A very calculating Navi, he use his knowledge as a weapon to build-up tactics and illusions along the battlefield. Outside battle, he is very gentle and care about others. He doesn't speak much, but he think a lot about everything. In battle he is even more concentrated, giving him a mysterious look.

Custom Weapon: A sword customized to look like a katana in his sheath, However, there is no blade upon the habaki (Wikipedia's your friend), as the blade itself is invisible to the eye (It's made of wind).

Signature Attack: