Name: Howe

Gender: Male

Element: Wood

Type: Sword

Appearance: Striking image of a Norse warrior; long blond hair with a mighty beard and tall with a very muscular build. He wears the common leather body armor of the Norse people but instead of a helmet he wears a leather band around his forehead that has rune all around the band. On his back he carries his long spear that is his most trusted weapon.

Personality: Howe is very stubborn but listens to everything that Alf has to say. He is the embodiment of a Norse warrior forever loyal to his lord and master and would fight to the death for him. Battle does not scare him, it is what he looks forward to.

Custom Weapon: Long metallic spear

Signature Attack: Blessing of the Forefather
Howe hurls his spear at his opponent and the spear seems to get blessed by Ymir, the great-great-grandfather of the all-father, and upon impact tears through his enemy (60dmg with a 2 turn cool down).