Name: Sketi.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Type: Break
Appearance: If Sketi was human she'd be a short human, standing at only 4'6. Thankfully she's not a human, sadly she's still short compared to other Navis. She's clad in baggy cargo pants and a turtleneck. These are both white but have soft green stripes from the base of her neck to the sides of her wrists on her arms with one on either side. There's also three wrap-around stripes of bright yellow on her forearms, equidistance from wrist and elbow. There's another three stripes of the same nature and color on her upper legs, these being equidistance from knee and top of the hip.

Sketi also boasts three blocky pastel blue ellipses, one on her torso with an echoing one on her back. The last is located on the front of her helmet, where it starts to curve over her forehead. Her helmet has two blunted horns that go back and up slightly. Said helmet also comes with a visorr of the orange and opaque variety, letting Sketi see out but not letting others see in.

Last but not least are the cables, four of them in total. In pairs of two they stretch from between the lower edges of her clothingg and droop down against her thighs before rising to poke through four metel-ringed holes in the back of Sketi's shirt at the base of her neck. The cables are black in color and made up of six wires wrapped tightly together. A few strands of hair fall from under her helmet. A longer, thinner strand on either side that seems more inclined to curve forewards followed by three back curved thicker groupings.

Personality: Sketi refers to herself in the plural, as she was created from the remains of two previous Navi's. More willing to hold a conversation then her operator, she'll happily do most of the talking wether its in the real world or on the net. She loves going over old stories and sayings, and the meaning behind them. Songs are another favorite subject of dissection, something her Op will even join in.

Custom Weapon: 'Linky', a pair of half-spheres that float with the flat side facing where her ears would be. with four petal shaped blades floating with pointy-end facing the half-spheres. These are shifting shades of pastel blue, pink, yellow, and green and are all see-through.

Signature Attack:
Terminal - Breaking+40 damage with 2 turn cool down. Launches all parts of 'Linky' at high speeds to damage the enemy and break their shield/armor. Accompanied by Sketi following after and ramming the enemy.