Name: Riff. exe
Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Type: Wind
Appearance: My basic avatar but to make up for my rubbish spriteing: Riff has basic Red navi armour. Above her chest resides her navi symbol which is a gold Ankh on a black background. She has amber eyes, long brunette hair and a colar around her neck with a gold bell which to take note is part of her cat like appearance. She has red cat ears and tail with a black plumage. The rest of her is the basic human navi appearance. Small additions of her appearance are the red trenchcoat with yellow lacing and black boots and gloves.
Personality: Riff is like Calais very quiet but lacks the firey temper of her net-op. She is very loyal to her comerades and will do anything (within reason) to help. She however is an assassin based navi.
Custom Weapon: Riff weilds a pair of golden sickles that are holstered to her back. She doesn't usually use summoned weapons other than battle chips.
Signature Attack: Assassins creed: Riff's posture changes into a backwards slouched standing position and sways side to side, her sickles glow making a sort of hypnotic dance which then Induces illusion.
(Illusion effect. Cooldown 2)

Riff.exe basic sprite