Name: RogueMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Electric
Type: Sword
Appearance: RogueMan has the distinct appearance of a rouge or a thief of some sort. His body is average sized for a navi and is colored gray and gold for most of his body except for the hints of cyan in his armor. He has a white make that only exposes his eyes and mouth. His eyes are black and you can't see if he has hair or not. He has a gray scarf on that he can use to cover his mouth in battle or when necessary. His gloves and boots are gold. He has two gray colored spikes that jet out his gloves that transform into his weapons.[Refer to my Avatar]
Personality: RogueMan is just as quite as Arcadius, and only talks with him and a select few. When it comes to making friends with people, Omega-Zero is always up for it. He likes to have company, sometimes, and is usually the leader but doesn't mind following. RogueMan usually asks Arcadius for everything, unless he has made a well thought through plan.
Custom Weapon: RogueMan has two weapons that act as one. On his left hand his glove has a spike coming out of it which he can make turn into a curved dagger. His right hand, his glove also posses that same spike but transforms into a large sword, which is slightly curved all the way up and is sometimes mistaken for a Nodachi, but really is a Katana. Why does he have two different types of weapons, well, let's just say he can.
Signature Attack: Rogue Rage- RogueMan combines both weapons, creating a large two-handed buster-saber, which he then runs up dragging the sword on the ground and upper-cuts the virus with an electric blow, doing 30 damage and stunning the enemy for 1 turn[2 turn cool-down]