Name: Songmaster(SM or Song for short).EXE
Gender: Male
Type: Recover

Songmaster.EXE was designed and named after Arata's favorite tabletop RPG class, the bard (he's a level 13 bard/1 arcane trickster/5 rouge ((Arata, not SM)). He wears a bright blue tunic with a purple vest sort-of thing with a red cap with a white feather in it. He carries a lute on his back with which he uses to attack and recover with. He wears silver silver pants that are very lightly on (unlike the pic, no yellow underside) and has sandals.
Personality:SM is a genial soul who enjoys a good story and loves to spin a yarn. Although he sometimes lies or exaggerates, you can usually count on him for trustworthiness. He dislikes fighting, although he usually shows up for the show, and tries to keep himself out of it. His goal in life is to chronicle all the major events on the net and thus had no preference to anything. He also sometimes speaks in Olde English because of Arata's love of fantasy games.
Custom Weapon:
Bardic Music: SM unslings his lute and starts playing a tune and occasionally singing. His music is so good, that it actually causes damage to those who hear it and are in a line in front of him.
The Bard's Songs (signature attacks):
Song of Slow: 40 points, [Reduces the effectiveness of ALL dodges for one character by 1 Rank. Stacking penalty applies. Cannot exceed Rank E.]
Song of Removal(NorthWind):20 points, [Removes Barriers and Auras, but does not bypass them]