Name: Juri(.EXE) (Sune 3.0!)

Gender: Female

Element: Normal

Type: Normal

Navi Emblem: which is fully animated (Please view image in full mode.. the background is transparent.. and in small, the background was turned black... making the black portions unseen.. also note picture isn't animate, its just animated within the game, which you can get a idea on its animation from the image)

Appearance: While in her hologram form she looks like the twin of Sora, just with slightly paler hair and eyes. But while in her Navi form, she looks like Sora, just with a new set of clothes, rest is the same, from the face, to the hair, with the only exception that she now sports fox ears and a tail. Her Tail's length is about 6 feet long and quite posable like a spider monkey's tail. Juri's base armor is black and sleek, it has grooves within the suit that look almost like channels for energy, light is flows through the channels going from blue light to black to orange light and back to black to go back to blue light, repeating the cycle. Speed varies, all the channels lead to her back where her NaviEmblem is, each channel leading to it like circuitry. The NaviEmblem takes up a good portion of her back and glows with its own light.

Her helmet is just a visor and mask. The Visor's colors are blue with orange that swirled around together, the visor also blinks with data received from Sora's input through the PET. The mask itself is black. Like the armor, it has the channel lines too, but they run to the edges of the visor where the visor connects to the mask.

Personality: While Sora was growing up she wanted someone to be able to relate to her and think like she does, so she and a friend went and started a project, where they begun writing a Navi's personality and way of thinking to be quite a mimic of how Sora thought. Juri is the latest carnation of that navi, still with the personality that she had when she had first been created to think like Sora. Now they are very much a like thanks to this common bond between them.

Custom Weapon
Fractal Purge: a weapon in the shape of Juri's Symbol, each part of it can break up into various pieces and can be used as weapons, and they can even combine to form different weapons. Anything from Blades, to Whips, to Blasters. ( With the help of Chips)

Melee: Frac.Sword: A simple Blade, either orange or blue, appear just hover the back of the wrist, disappears after delivering damage to foe or canceled. Up to two blades can be used at one time depending if Juri is attacking twice or not.

Charged Melee: Frac.Mallet: A blue blade lengthens and lessesn in width forming a pole almost. On one end Two Blue and Two Orange blades appear and changes their sizes to be teh same length and width as each other, they then form a square tube via a rotation around the Z axis. on one open end of the tube, the 3 arrows appear and come in contract with each other, sealing one end.

Range: Frac.Blaster: A Blue Blade sits on top of the right forearm while a Orange Blade lays on the underside. the Orange bends up around the arm and the two sides touch while the blue forms does the same thing the other way. A orange blade then appears in between it, appearing like its cutting right down the middle (horizontally) the two other blades and the arm, leaving a tip poking out of the 'barrel' that the two other blades formed. the small energy it shoots out are small swirling masses of blue and orange energy within a black sphere.

Charged Range: Frac.Cannon: Like in the normal Range, the blue and orange blades bend around the arm and hand forming a barrel, this time though, the two remaining orange blades appear on the top at a 45 degree angle from the vertical 0 mark (12 o'clock) and point backwards. the three Grey and multicolored arrows appear, now pointing away from each other and spin around the 4 blades. It launches out larger mass of blue and orange energy, but unbound by the black sphere.

Signature Attack

Fractal Burst: Made from the NaviEmblem. Like the normal Range, the barrel is formed with the orange and blue blades, this time two blue blades form at the top and bottom of the barrel and warp a little so that they bend so that the tips on the sides touch each other. Two orange blades appear on the uncovered portion of Juri's arm and do the same, forcing her arm to stay completely strait. the three arrows also appear at the end of the forming weapon and point outwards while spinning around and stopping periodically like metronome pattern. It charges up, and while it does so, it appears like it sucks up the light around it, darkening the area around the tip of it as energy seems to gather into a small ball, at the end of the charge it is ready for fire. When released, the small ball expands rapidly and then shoots off in 6 directions as energy arrows and towards the target of choice.

Damage Total: 60 (since its the basic damage for first sig, though I see it got changed from 70 to 60 since I started working on this profile)

Sig Effects
MultiHit (free) 60(dmg)/6(hits)=10 dmg each hit

Cool Down: 2 Turns
Points Left: 60

Comments: Juri is the upgraded and renamed MushiSune.EXE. My copy of the RECN page with info on Sune can be found at for any reference if anyone is interested.

The Hologram tech setup was approved by Twi under one condition. That if I ever have my Navi in hologram form and my NetOp in two separate places at the same time, I would forfeit every Zenny, Chip, Cust program, sig, and such since Imy characters were accepted. Unless I get permission from Twi to do so first as part of some subplot. (But I don't have any planning on do such at all anyways)