Name: FencerMan.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Type: Sword

Appearance: FencerMan is a thin-frame built Navi of average height. He dons all the regular fencing staples: a pure white chassis - the chest plate bearing the Navi's symbol of the Reign's family crest - covered by golden shin/wrist/shoulder guards, a matching half retractable fencer mask that only shields the eyes at all time (covers the entire face during battles), as well as white saber with a gold hilt bearing a small inscription that reads "Luminous Protector of Her Majesty". As an added touch by Mr. Reigns, Fencer is equipped with a booster system to increase his already impressive mobility, implanted in both ball/heels and calves -area of his boots. The booster system not only unleashes his speed, but kicks up powerful wind gusts, which he uses to his advantage during fights.

Personality: FencerMan is Charlotte's protector, period. Not only for honor of her and the family name during Navi Battles, but as her guidance, guardian, and friend, while away from her province. His attitude doesn't differ from Charlotte's in believing no one is above the Reigns bloodline. Unlike Charlotte, however, he won't change his views because of diplomacy. Fencer's strategy is to deliver the coup-de-grace as soon as possible, with a few coup-de-mains in the process. He'll remain as diplomatic as possible by avoiding a fight unless full-out offended, but will run down any opponent that forces his hand. Fencer moves in a random Z-V pattern quite swiftly, attacking every 3 transitions, either with a bursting Hummer Lunge attack or baiting his opponent into attacking and leaving themselves wide open for his murderously quick melee strikes.

Custom Weapon: 'Luminous Protector', A.K.A a slightly curved white saber with a gold bell guard and handle. The inscription on the blade was added at Fencer's creation at the request of Mr. Reigns.

Signature Attack:
Hummer Lunge - LV.1 (Take Aim -> 50 dmg - 2TCD)
While targeting his foes whereabouts and movements, Fencer will reel back, body turned and his sword across his chest. Activating the boosters on the heels and calves of his boots, Fencer will propels forward at a grand speed, dashing at his foe sword-first. This attack does full damage to shielding or 'Defending' opponents.