Name: Crown.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Cursor

Appearance: Crown is designed as a human would be, for the most part. Crown wears a modified knight's helmet. Two spikes point backwards from his head at a 30-ish degree angle. Instead of the standard, grey, slitted metal visor, Crown replaces it with a clear, red glasslike material. The visor is one-way, Crown sees out, and when people try to look in, they see themselves. Crown is able to control this visor at will, meaning he can raise or lower it at will. Underneath the visor, his jade eyes are akin to that of a bird of prey, looking down upon everyone as dirty children. Crown is shorter than usual, being around 5'6" in height, though his helmet adds an inch or two to his overall height. Under his helmet is a mane of mysteriously restrained blonde hair, partly falling voer his eyes and reaching just below his neck. Crown wears a white dress shirt with a black vest and black suit pants. Covering his feet are a pair of black boots. And finally, over his hands he wears black silk fingerless gloves with his Navi Symbol (see Net Operator Profile) on the back of both gloves.

Personality: Oddly enough, he has a sort of chivalrous attitude. He speaks formally to everyone in modern English mixed with some old English placed here and there. If possible Crown tries not to fight with other people, but isn't opposed to giving an ass whipping when the time calls for it. Honor is a touchy thing and Crown will just drop it all at a drop of a hat if it means defending him and his Lord's honor.
Crown is completely loyal to James and always refers to him as "Lord", "My Lord", "Lord James", or any sort of medieval title one would use for royalty. Instead of his programming forcing him to do this, his devotion is that of a knight to his lord, built over many years of interaction with James. Crown is also a friend to James, being his most trusted confidante. Though, as one would expect from a friend and a confidante, Crown does occasionally argue, bicker, or just plain disagree with James.
Recently during battle, Crown has taken to speaking informally, as if he developed a different personality after all these years. He becomes quick to taunt, insult, sneer, or make dramatics for little reason other than to 'add spice'.

Custom Weapon:
Digital God Spires: Spiral Frame: Two large silver cylinders, controlled with Crown's thought processes and measuring six feet in length and one feet in diameter. Both Frames can be controlled separately and can be used for both attack and defense at the same time. Under special circumstances, Crown can mold the Frames like clay to form different weapons. The Frames are nonexistent until the time calls for their aid; when that happens, they are summoned mysteriously, presumably from the same method that certain Battle Chips are materialized when used.
Digital God Flash: Royal Light: When calling upon the Spiral Frame is impractical, Crown can launch energy at his opponents from his hands. The palms, fingers, or even knuckles can launch the Royal Light as a weapon. The energy can take any shape Crown wants as long as it doesn't form a weapon.

Signature Attacks:
Glory: Calling upon his steel resolve, Crown finds the power to be a Digital Juggernaut in the name of his Lord. His weakest strikes become imbued with mighty power, and his strongest techniques strike fear in those who are left alive.
Damage: N/A
Effect: Power Burst (2)
TCD: 1

Digital God Spires: King's Javelin: A relatively simple technique in execution. Crown focuses with a clear mind and fuses both Frames into a large monstrosity of a javelin that very closely resembles a giant stake. With a single thought or dramatic finger point, the Javelin seeks out and impales an enemy with deadly accuracy.
Damage: 80
Effect: N/A
Penalty: N/A
TCD: 2

Absorb: An offshoot of the data materialization effect of BattleChips, Absorb allows Crown to assimilate free floating data into himself to restore lost data due to external or internal damage. Also, if he is so inclined, Crown may transfer a portion or the entirety of that data to another Navi, healing them in the process. This process causes a unique data reversion that causes Crown's system to temporarily reject further data restoration via reversing it into damage, but also causes a rewrite that forces Poison to restore instead of degenerate.
Damage: 60
Effect: Healing
Penalty: Zombie(1)
TCD: 2