Name:bloody cross EXE.
Element: Fire
Type: Sword
Appearance: Cross wears a black body suit under red armor the armor coners all but his joints and has a blue cross on the chest plate and on the back as well as on his gloves. He has floor length silver hair and his helmet consists of a crest on the forhead it also has a visor and openable mouthguard. When not in combat the visor is up and stowed in the helmet and the mouth guard is open revealing his full face and white eyes. Also when not in combat his sword and sheild are stored n his back
Personality:Cross is a cold hearted navi except when it comes to his friends then he'll do anything for them
Custom Weapon: Cross Sword (a solid blade that takes the shape of an inverted cross) and Bloody sheild (a blood red solid sheild that can be used as a defence usually on his back)
Signature Attack: world in flames causes flames to erupt from under the enemy does sixty damage and has a two turn cool down process