Deus ex Machina.exe
Elec Element
Break Type

Deus ex Machina is a strange Navi to look at for any length of time. His outline wavers slightly and other oddities only add to the effect; he's dressed in light black armor, which isn't special. The oddities are the thick chains emblazoned with glowing runes that are entwined about his body; constantly shifting with no apparent force driving them. Machina can control them to some extent, but they are quite heavy. He also wears a black blindfold, but maintains full awareness of his surroundings. DxM's hair is completely white and hangs in ragged, spiky locks all around his head.

Machina maintains a mild interest in human affairs, but doesn't really care, though he tries. He is, however, loyal to Kei and will not hesitate to help those he feels like helping; though this list will start out narrow and won't widen much.

He fights for the most part dispassionately, though he concentrates and gains better clarity of mind in difficult battles.

Weapon: Machina, the Chained Blade

The Chained Blade consists of a handle on a crescent-shaped hilt, with the points of the crescent pointed towards the blade. Chains are wrapped about the hilt and bind the blade to it. Chains also wrap DxM's hand when he wields it, for better stability.

Signature Attack

1.0.0: Chain Bind - 40 Null Damage - 2/3TCD - [Optional Clause] 1 action Recovery - Holding
Runed chains erupt from the ground beneath an opponent, lashing them or entwining them for a short time. The intense power focused on them causes them to rust at an accelerated rate, so they don't last long. Also, the mental force of will required exhausts Machina, and the rusted chains take a while to restructure.