Navi: Nachahmen.EXE

Element: Normal

Type: Guts

Gender: None

Navi Description:

Artwork by Eon.

Artwork by Albel.

& < By The Grim Reaper

< By PA Master

He lacks any form of 'armor', as usually seen on even NormNavis, and has a color scheme composed only of shades of purple. His body is a generic purple with royal purple strips starting from his symbol and stretching out across his shoulders and down to his wrists, as well as toward and down his legs, stopping at the ankles. His hands and feet are an electric purple, while his eyes are psychedelic.(I can show examples of these colors if necessary) His symbol is blank and royal purple, taking on the appearances of the first symbol his eyes fall on in battle.

Nachahmen, a german term, means 'to emulate'. Thus this navi was named such for his unique ability to take on the attributes, and even some appearances of his enemies. NachahmenEXE(or Nac for short) is a very sly navi, speaking in subtleties with anyone other than his closest friends. He'll often mimic the tones and other generalities of his friends as a sort of joke, even to the point of pretending to be a female or acting out neurosis of the 'victim'. In terms of appearances, he's extremely bland, looking to be little more than a navi base: blank face, save for the circles-for-eyes, round head, somewhat slim body lacking any real noticable features, arms, legs, fingers and toes. Nac loves to netbattle, although not particularly fond of virii, as most have little in terms of personality for him to mimic. He also loves modifying himself, and can be found quite often tweaking with his own systems. In terms of tactics, he is fairly charismatic and can give orders to virtually anyone in a way they can understand, almost as if they'd ordered themselves...

History: Nachahmen was initially designed as a cosmetic navi, essentially acting as a marionette for different cosmetic programs. To be profecient in such a purpose, Nac's coding was designed to bear many variables, thus allowing him to change and adapt to an amazing number of situations and, more importantly, it allowed him to accept programs with much greater ease. Eventually, he was tossed aside as watered-down replcates of him were mass-produced. Zanzo discovered him at a discount navi shop, after searching through volumes of other navis. He wanted something original, flexible, and fun to talk to. Upon finding Nac, he noticed various encryptions on it, and took it to the true Zanzo, Forte Zanzo. After borrowing Moonlight and testing his skills, Zanzo finds that Forte has finished the decryptions and has prepare Nac for use. Thus, Zanzo returns Moonlight for his own navi...

Custom Weapon: ROM Blast: Nac attacks opponents using an emulated version of their own backed by his own power. If Nac has never fought the navi before, he emulates a battled virus instead Otherwise, one of his fists just glows and he performs a glorified melee attack. (Essentially, he makes use of his malleable body to make creative or outright mimicked attacks)
Signature Attacks

Point Total: 650 / 660 (10 remains)

Nature's Embrace: Using Nachahmen's natural protocols to examine objects and mimic their appearance, Nac's eyes enhance in focus, seeing the data of foes, seeing through graphical designs and other such 'distractions'. This enables Nac to pick up on habits better, and see through certain traits of the studied subject.

Effects: Allows Nac to see foes on a deeper scale, for the purposes of mimicry (fluff). Also gives Nac one instance of Accuracy Boost for the round.

CD: 1

Points Cost: 40

Emulation: Raijinken: Nachahmen, taking note of experiences in the past, recalls of a small electric navi. Using this recollection, he sprouts two lightning rods from his back, and pulls forth from his chest a weapon similar to a naginata, bearing upon it a blade made from a bolt of lightning. Taking aim, and with a firm arm, Nac lunges the spear onward. Using magnetism, the spear hones in on a target and makes slight drifts through the air in order to strike true, although exaggerated motions, like turning around, are impossible.

Effects: 60ElecDmg(80), Slashing(Free), Seeking(20)

CD: 3

Point cost: 100

Emulation: Execution: Calling upon untapped experiences with allies of the past, Nachahmen manipulates his shadow, causing it to rise from the ground before forming into what appears to be a exact copy of himself(Decoy1). The two then shuffle amongst themselves at high-speed, forming one of their arms into a blade all the while. Upon stopping this short ritual, the two put the blades to their opposite arms before pulling them across, slicing at roughly the wrist(Sacrifice1).

Afterward, the two engage in a beguiling assault, one rushing forward a foe, the other disappearing in a wisp before appearing behind(Teleport1, 70Null). Further, to the unsuspecting foe's dismay, one of the attackers is an illusion, and as such, caution should be exercised against this potentially fatal attack.

Effects: Decoy1 (20), Sacrifice1 (Nerf20), Teleport1 (80), 80SlashDmg (Null) (70)

CD: 5

Point Cost: 150 (Total: 170)

ROM Reboot: As explained before, Nachahmen's ability to rearrange and reform his data is quite impressive. So impressive, in fact, that he can even reform loosened or separated data belonging to him. This effect is similar to regeneration...

Effects: Passive. Nac gain 15HP each turn.

Point Cost: Passive 20 (80)

Clockshift: Blue: Nachahmen's emblem turns a pale, icy blue. This change signifies new protocols in his defensive systems, allowing him to effectively expand and/or overclock them.

Effects: Passive. Nachahmen gains a 20HP barrier each turn, and may select an alternate target to affect.

Point Cost: Passive 20 (80)

Clockshift: Purple: Nachahmen's purple skin condenses, making him even more resilient to attack.

Effects: Passive. Nachahmen gains 20HP Casing each turn.

Point Cost: Passive 20 (80)

Clockshift: Orange: An orange ring forms around Nachahmen's right arm, allowing him to create a mobile disc of what appears to be an elastic material, akin to putty. This provides shielding against possible attack.

Effects: Passive. Nac gains a 1-Hit Shield each turn.

Cost: Passive 20 (80)

Clockshift: Green: Nachahmen's eyes glow sharp, neon green. This change signifies new protocols in his processing systems, allowing him to effectively expand and/or overclock them. This process causes some instability in his body as a result.

Effects: Sacrifice1 (Nerf20), Teleport1(80)

Point Cost: 60 (Total: 80)

CD: 2


A New Team?, Nachahmen's Rendition of Kenji! (10 FXP)

A new challenger approaches, Let's try this again (22 FXP)

32FXP Total.

Quote ()

Alternate Kenji

After spending time with Kenji, Nachahmen began to absorb data from his regular scans of Kenji for mimicry. As time progressed and they began to bond, Nachahmen begins to develop electrical data, and takes on more accurate details of Kenji's appearance. However, one main detail remains askewed: the data absorbed from Kenji, upon bonding with Nachahmen, transformed the blue details into a hot pink, presumably by some minor corruption of data...

Appearance: As Kenji, blue color details are hot pink instead (Eyes, sash, cloak, etc. Hair and Markings are more of a magenta), but the mimicry is otherwise flawless.

Personality: As Nachahmen, if a bit cocky and flamboyant thanks to Kenji's influence.

ElecCross Lv1: Kenji's Elec Element and Wind Type taken, +10 bonus to Elec Chips (non-stackable)

Signature Attacks
60 / 60

Raiko-ha (roughly 'Lightning Wave'): Holding the index and middle fingers of both hands together and extended, Nachahmen brings his hands together, creating a small spark of elecriticy. Then, lining up one of his hand's thumbs to the two fingers, he pulls back, forming an arrow-like bolt. After creating this weapon, Nac releases his thumb, sending the 'arrow' onward toward a target.

Effects: 10ElecDmg+Stun1+Phasing (10 + 30 + 20 = 60 Total)

CD: 2