Gender: Male
Element: Wood
Type: Cursor
Appearance: Mokusei is not the largest Navi. However, he isn't the smallest either. He is of average size, or slightly under, and has a lean build. He has a white hood which completely covers his face, save two black holes in the mask over his eyes. The hood is pointed backwards and upwards, slightly. His neck is wrapped with a long purple scarf, which had two tails, each about two feet long. Mokusei's waist features a purple belt, which is just a single loop around his waist. His feet are covered with a pair of purple two toed boots which are purple in color, like his belt and scarf. The only other purple articles that he possesses are his gloves, which come up past his wrists. His body and legs are covered in a white bodysuit.
Personality: Mokusei is a logical person, quiet, no-nonsense type navi. It isn't that he's void of emotion, he just doesn't show it. He always follows his mind, instincts, or orders. He is loyal and does what Rose says, even if he disagrees, though he will argue. He will usually do whatever serves him best, or whatever will help him accomplish his goals. He isn't a social person, but isn't specifically anti-social. He doesn't avoid others; he simply doesn't go out of his way to meet them.
Custom Weapon: Mokusei employs a dart attached to a rope to fight with. He has great control over this, and as it is digital it has an endless supply of rope. He shoots the dart at the enemy, and it flies through the air, swiftly shooting at the enemy. If the dart were to get stuck or lodged in the enemy or another solid object, the rope and dart may be detached from the remainder of the rope, and a new dart forms. These darts are sharp, thin, and wooden, and both the darts and rope are strong. When shot, they come from his sleeves, on either hand. The charged shot simply has a better quality dart, and as a result can do more damage.
Signature Attack:

Yobidasu: Kasei : Mokusei activates one of his summoning cards, that of the god Mars. The card circles him 4 times, and he then traces a symbol on it. Mars then appears in the form of an armored soldier, wielding an impressive spear. He then charges towards an opponent designated by Mokusei, and slashes at them. It deals 80 damage. ([60] sig pool + Charge time[30] = 90 = 90 damage, 3 turn cooldown)


Normal.GMO; Rose decided that she didn't want to always have a ninja for a Navi, so she made him a slightly more normal looking outfit, while retaining his original style. This is generally worn outside of battle, whenever Rose feels like Mokusei should be more social.
Appearance: In this form, Mokusei sheds his ninja garb for a more normal looking uniform. He wears a white long sleeved shirt, which is slightly large, coming down approximately the equivalent of six inches past his waist, and the sleeves are even larger, with a good inch more diameter than he has wrist, and when his arms are down, the sleeves reach the base of his fingers. He retains his purple scarf, and now has two purple fingerless gloves. Over his legs, he wears a pair of baggy black pants that have elastics at the waist and ankle, so they are loose and comfortable, but not falling down or in the way. He wears a pair of purple socks with padding on the bottom, but inside the material, so they wouldn't be worn through, but don't make much noise when he walks. His face is no longer covered by the ninja hood/mask, so his face is revealed. He has short, blonde hair, which is spiked back. His eyes are a very light blue, almost gray. He has sharp features, and doesn't come across as overly masculine. However, he does still express the same serious mood.
Custom Weapon: Mokusei wields a large, Japanese-style bow. His charged shot uses better quality arrows. He summons the bow whenever he plans to use it, and uses his power over wood to create arrows for each attack.