Name: Whipman.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Electric
Type: Normal
Appearance: About as tall and weighs about as much as Nolan. He has a Green Kiteshield with his symbol of a dragon with a whip coming through its mouth. He has Maroon armor with thick, black stripes and his symbol in the middle. He has a small maroon helmet with tiny spikes in the front. He has Maroon and black face paint. He has a maroon and black whip in his right hand

Personality: Mostley like Nolan, except is more calm and has a harder time taking care of problems. But for the most part, he is cool and collected and always knows what he's doing and is very optimistic.

Custom Weapon: A tiny blaster on his wrist fires miniature bullets at the enemy. The Charge attack is a 2 step whip slash and takes about 4 seconds to charge.

Signature Attack: Whipman goes up to the enemy and turns the shield he is holding into another whip and curls the whips around the enemy and does 60 damage and has a 2 turn cool down