Element: Normal

Type: Sword

Appearance: Slim White Humanoid, roughly 6'0''. A black round helmet with a built-in scanner over the eyes, glowing a dark purple to anyone looking to it from the outside. His Helmet is decorated with a Mouth-Guard that stretches over his nose, hiding all his head inside the helmet. Shoulders are armored with large red Shoulder-Pads, with Latin words inscribed on them that translate to "Praetorian to Consecration". The Chest-Guard is black, is designed looking like a shield, the symbol of a an Axe with Crimson Wings burned into it. Leggings are simply black Metal Leggings, ones you'd expect to find on a typical Medieval Knight. He also wears boots, separate to the Leggings, and non-metal. Just red boots.

Personality: He doesn't seem to thrilled about Combat, often asking for his foes to stand down and avoid the confrontation. But he will fight with all that he is, should he have to. He is intelligent and witty in tongue, generally able to slap away most words with a powerful retort. Mostly friendly to those close to him, but harsh to his enemies, should they be truly heartless.

Custom Weapon: A one handed Axe, with a long black handle that allows for two hands should the need arise. The Handle is undecorated. The Blade of the Axe is silver, with the edge glowing white, as it is energy instead of metal. A Crimson fist is mounted on top of the Blade, some of the crimson color branching down like a blood trail. On top of the fist is a spike, crimson as well.

Signature Attack: Uses one hand to cut with his Axe twice, each on a diagonal slice, the first one being left to right, and the second being right to left, like an X. Then he attacks with a horizontal slice, using the momentum of the slice to spin him around and slash the same way again, but this time with no spin. Finally, with the enemy stunned slightly from the quick and powerful attacks, he brings his axe above him, aiming the Crimson fist at his enemy, and uses both hands the slam the spiked fist into the enemy as he yells "Taste the Crimson Fist of Vindication!"
Five hits total, Damage is 5, 5, 10, 20, 20.
Effects: Slashing