Name: CyberPhantom.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Sword
Appearance: A taller navi, with no flesh exposed in his navi form. His head resembles a traditional ninja hood, complete with a functional shuriken atop his forehead. His body, thighs and arms are covered in a tan/khaki armor. Under his armor, and on his mid/lower abdomen there is a tighter bodysuit, coloured in black. His arms, but more preferably his right, is a gauntlet holding three blood red kunai, often mistaken for leaves. He wears loose but enduring boots, going up a little near the knee, also coloured black. His eyes, usually change around from time to time, going from blue, to green, but usually stay a hazil/black. Here is a rough- draft:
Personality: Just as his operator, CP is psychopathic. Due to his schitzophrenic nature, he has "states" of mind, in which he acts. He stays in a generally cold, closed, composed nature, only asking questions and doing his mission, secretly fighting his demons. The second self, is a more heroic CP, fighting in the name of justice, no matter what. The third, is his insane form, completely loosing it, reveling in all death, even his own. The final state is actually more of a power, the power of a "DivineKiller", becoming calm, yet having emotion. Its unknown how he acts in the last state.
Custom Weapon: PhantomBlade (Or abbreviated PhtnmBld). Because his body is nothing more than phantom energy and ghost data, every ounce of him is his soul so to speak. The three red kunais on his right hand can be merged or transformed to his real weapon, the PhantomBlade. A sword taking the form of a katana, usually its not too special. But when CP loses it, it because just as deadly as he is.
Signature Attack: BloodyLotus: CP uses his real weapon (his PhantomBlade) to become invis, warp in between enemies, and uses a moonblade (also known as kunai in japan) ranged attack as the area is envelopped by purple smoke (or a black screen). He doesn't stay invis (its merely cosmetic and for spriting FYI), and the attack does 60 damage. Not always guaranteed to hit or anything like that, simply a 60 damage sword attack, and has a two turn cooldown.