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Name: Frag.EXE
Gender: Male
Type: N/A
Appearance: People keep expecting Frag to come to pieces. I mean, he looks more like a pile of parts lumped together than a full Navi. But that's their opinion--In reality, Frag is a polished machine. His body is composed entirely of colored blocks, linked together by thin but strong limbs. The blocks aren't cubical--they're all different shapes and sizes. Some are elongated, some are stubby--but they are all strangely similar...

Head: Looks really small for Frag's size--also the only part of him that's not blocky. Slanted white eyes top a strangely handsome face that's set in a rounded chrome helmet. The helmet has two wing-like appendages on the sides.

Torso: Composed of 7 blocks, a long black block serving as the chest/shoulders. Below are 2 yellow and 2 purple blocks sandwiching a central white block. A thin, wide Chrome block covers the back, protecting the central white block.

Arms: 2 blocks for each arm, one for shoulder and one for forearm. Colors are Red (right), and Blue (left)

Legs: 2 blocks for each leg, split is where the kneecap would be. Colors are Green (right), and Orange (left)

Custom Weapon: Arm Cannon. Each arm houses a small turret that extends out when in combat.
Rapid attack: Point. Shoot.
Charged attack: Builds up energy, unleashes in a large blast.

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Signature Attack: Block: Impact

Frag swings at the opponent, weakening his hold on his arm as he does so. In result, his arm that he punches with literally flies at the opponent! Strangely, the arm launched seems to be driven by more than physical force, as after striking its target, it slowly floats back to Frag, who then reattaches his detached limb.

1. 1 action.
2. 20 damage and knockback.
3. Arm "drifts" afterwards. Frag can "grab" his arm the turn after with an action, or the arm returns by itself after 2 turns.
4. During "drift", buster attacks can't be used on "drifting" arm. However, chips can still be loaded.
5. Can be used with both arms.
6. No real Cooldown (well, 2 turns drifting if left alone).

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Out of sheer awesomeness, Frag can use Far Fist to launch a melee-range attack at an opponent, using the fist to propel said weapon (Sword, RageClaw, etc).

1. The attack does the damage of the chip loaded. The 20 damage is negated.
2. The Chip is loaded first, then launched.
3. If Frag doesn't override the chip, he can pick up the arm and continue attacking with said melee chip.

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With his newfound ability to create "Blocks," Frag has found that he can also use Block: Impact to send created "Blocks" at opponents.

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Signature Attack: Block: Build

Frag uses his own lifeforce as a focus, drawing nearby unorganized data together to mold together a block of data. Given that part of his energy is sealed in the new being, he can manipulate it as he sees fit. Also, if he finds that the block no longer serves his purposes, he can absorb the block into his own systems, completely converting the block's integrity into his own.


Uses 20 HP to make a 40 HP "Block".
Does not count as a Signature Attack.
Frag can have more than one "Block" at a time.
Frag can use an additional action to convert up to 2 existing "Blocks" into HP for himself, healing for an amount equal to the total existing HP of the "Blocks" converted.
Frag can use an additional action to move any number of "Blocks" as he chooses, within reasonable bounds. (Usually, will be used to deflect attacks. ^^
1 turn CD.

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Frag (SD):
While the old Frag was nearly twice as large as your average humanoid Navi, the loss of most of his torso blocks has stripped him down to a... fragment of what he once was. Having only Frag's central large white block and his head remaining, Joseph thought his Navi had to be scrapped--until the block unfolded into a combat mech chassis!

Of course. Nothing's perfect. Frag's head remained the same size, even while his body size had effectively been third'd. Now with a head to body ratio of 1:3, Frag (SD) bravely forges on ahead!

Custom Weapon: Creation Burst. Frag gathers an orb of raw energy with his hands and hurls it at his opponent.
Rapid attack: Rather simple miniature white fireball-esque shot.
Charged attack: Using both hands to channel the orb, Frag lifts it above his head, expanding it to double its size before firing it forward. White sparks trail after the blazingly fast shot.

Quote (Block: Creation Blast!)

Frag overloads his systems, firing a refined blast of shocking energy that stuns the opponent and leaves them staring at a large block. The energy output required drains a bit of Frag's vitality.

Stun (30) + 10 HP Object (10) + 60 damage (60)
Sacrifice 15 (+20), TCD reduction
TCD: 80/4 = 2 TCD

Quote (Block: AutoRebuild!)

After his transformation, Frag finds that his old regenerative abilities have become automated, leaving him constantly rebuilding himself!

Passive Regen[1/1] (80)

Quote (Block: Strength Form!)

Having lost the power to call up all of his blocks at will, Frag now focuses on getting them back one set at a time. However, the tradeoff is that each one now imbues him with a special effect! The red blocks bestow raw destructive power, giving Frag more oomph behind all his attacks!

The armor consists of overlapping red plates with 2 floating giant gauntlets.

Of course, as he dons it he needs some time to adjust to the newly added weight...

40 HP Casing (40) + Empower[1/4] (80)
Self Slow[1/1] (40)
TCD: 120/4 = 3 TCD