Name: Empress.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Type: Normal

Appearance: The Navi is kind of scrawny for someone of her figure, but she is strong. She bears a strong resemblance to her NetOp. The navi has a black dress that goes down and covets her feet. Her hands have long black gloves and skin being pale. Not only that, her head has a maid like tiara on it and dark hair extensions on the sides side to represent some long head of hair going down her back. Her center of her chest has a red amulet imbedded there with the Navi symbol. Her eyes are a violet color as well. Her hands are gloved black as the simple gloves seem to channel some strange force of power within her.

Her dress being open at the bottom hide her true thin figure. She wears a pair of black boots and her face is mostly emotionless when it comes to her expressions being like that of a loyal made. She seems like this, but is actually a gothic like expression more than a simple servant. the sleeves of her dress mostly overlap her palms and freely slide down her wrists when moving her hands in motion.

Personality: Empress is like a doll in other words. So more so, her stare and face is just like that. She shows expression in battle with a mesmeric stare. She shows no change to express her actions in battle. She speaks like a royal robot, but her voice shows signs of worry as she calls out to her teammates and NetOp in desperation when they are hurt, so it is proper to say that she cares, even though she doesn't show it much.

Custom Weapon: Empress's gloves serves as an only weapon to activate her common buster attack. She simply lifts her hand to fire a multitude of pink orbs that seem unstable and causes a crisp damaging attack upon impact like an ordinary beam or buster attack. It's mostly implied from rather a weapon she draws this force from inside her since she tends to synthesize chip attacks using these gloves, so basically it's clear that these gloves allow her to switch weapons like any other navi.

Speed: 4
Speed Upgrade: 1
HP Memory: 1

Signature Pool: 260/15
80 Points Remain
Process Upgrades: 5
Passive Sig

Empress's space around her is constantly unstable because of her massive strength as it pulls things in like a vacuum of space. It drain's the enemy's HP doing 10 damage at every start of the turn while healing her as the data drained is added to her frame to reinvigorate herself.

-Inflicts 10 Damage to one enemy
-Recovers 10 HP

Static Blast
Active Sig

Empress's most reliable attack. Because of the distinct sound it makes when she attacks, it's named just that. Empress's right hand becomes engulfed in another wave of distorted energy as she readies her attack. She then tosses her hand forward releasing the energy that spreads in a wave when it makes contact doing damage while giving a microburst to send and enemy flying. It's useful to push an obstacle across the field.
2 Turn Cool Down

40 Damage + Microburst + Splash2 aligned (20 damage)

2,680 Zenny

120 HP

Level - 5


Memory Folder

Cannon - 40 Dmg
Shotgun - 50 Dmg (Spread)
Rageclaw - 40 Dmg (Broken/Overridden Limitation)
Guard 1 - 60 Dmg (Reflect)
HeatShot - 40 Dmg (Fire) (Spread)
HeatShot - 40 Dmg (Fire) (Spread)
Ringlog1 - 50 (Wood)(Rolling)
Ringlog1 - 50 (Wood)(Rolling)
Wind - 100+Impact (100 HP: Barricade)
Recover10 - 10 HP Recovery(Heal)
PickPocket1 - Steal Zenny/Chip Data from one enemy.



NaviCust: 10/40 Remaining

Undershirt (10)

Attack+1 (10)

Charge+1 (5)