Name: Huntsman
Gender: Male
Element: Wood
Type: Cursor
Appearance: Huntsman has brown hair and dark green eyes. His outfit is camo armor with a small camo pack. His sign, which is on his helmet, is an Arrow with a camo background.
Personality: Huntsman is not much of a talker, because talking gives you away and gives the prey the chance to move. Huntsman only talks to those that Miles lets him talk to. Huntsman is loyal to Miles, and was programmed to put his life on the line to help Miles.
Custom Weapon: A Crossbow that takes place of his hand during net battles. The Crossbow has two firing points, one is a really small gun barrel, and the other is the actual part of the crossbow that shoots arrows.
Regular Shot: A bullet shoots out of the gun portion of the crossbow.
Charged shot: An arrow shoots out of the Crossbow.
Signature Attack: Hunters Shot - Huntsman gets behind an enemy and shoots him with two arrows that deal 30 damage each. 1 turn cool-down.