Name: Cyclone.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Wind

(I still have this. X3)
Appearance: Cyclone is a navi with a humanoid shaped body. On his lower arms, lower legs/feet, and upper torso, he wears a sky blue armor. The armor on his torso looks like a very small jacket, and the armor on his arms and legs have two small, wave like spikes coming out the back. If Cyclone his arms and legs spread wide, all of the spikes would face inwards, towards his torso. Wherever Cyclone has no armor, a black jumpsuit covers it up. On his head is a sky blue helmet. It looks like a black helmet, but has two wave-like fins stretching back from the brow of the helmet, and has two smaller ones on the sides, also bearing his emblem. On Cyclone's back is a large propeller, like those found on a helicopter. Cyclone's emblem, found on his chest and his helmet, is a black 'X' with a dot in the middle, with a black background.

Personality: Cyclone's feelings and thoughts resemble Shinko's greatly. Cyclone is often forgetful of things, and is also very accident prone, but is still incredibly loyal to his friends. Cyclone does enjoy net-battling though; he sees it as a sort of sport. In battle, Cyclone takes great pride in his speed, and gets a bit PO'd when he sees someone able to go even faster. He also enjoys toying with people, playing practical jokes on them, or making them walk right into a joke. These pranks, however, almost always backfire, due to Cyclone's prone-ness to accidents. But, through it all, Cyclone is a kind, determined individual, loyal to Shinko and his friends.

Custom Weapon: Propellerang- Essentially, Cyclone uses a miniature propeller as a throwing weapon, which returns to him like a boomerang.

Signature Attack: Hurricane- Cyclone conjures up a decently sized tornado in front of him, and sends in in a straight line. (70dmg, 2 turn cooldown)