Name: Zombieman.Exe

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Subtype: Recover

Appearance: Zombieman's program name is very indicative of his aesthetic programming malfunction. He makes for a very imposing figure, standing tall at 6'2'', he would have the frame of a powerfully built human, if his programming wasnt causing his physical form to weaken and be easily torn asunder. His expirence with data manipulation and recovery of files is the tool that keeps his from from relatively intact. In every other way, Zombieman appears as a regular human, dressed in light clothing and a leather jacket, he might of been able to be confused for a human, that is, if he can reattach his arm in time.

Personality: Prior to his conversion to a personal Navi at the hands of Archard's Father, was a data and recovery specialist. Even now, after being passed from a generation, his irristibable urge to right wrongs and support order reveals that history. He enjoys sharing knowledge and guiding those younger than him, so as to share his expirences.

Custom Weapon: A twisted, gnarly steel pipe

Signature Attack: Phylactery: Using his knowledge of system restoration, Zombieman taps into the data stream to repair damage to NetNavis. Restores 30 Hit points to Zombieman or Ally. Cool Down: 1 Turn