Name: Geyser

Gender: Neutral

Element: Aqua

Type: Recover

Appearance: A sea green navi, with coral sculpt armor. Geyserman also has a 'helmet' style head, with coral horns like a stag. It's bulky for a navi, seemingly barrel-chested compared to other navis. This is due to its thick armor. Its eyes (the only things showing through its armor), are bright red, seeming to gleam like gemstones. Its voice is synthesized, with no trace of gender. Despite his armor's
bulky apearance, however, it is actually super boyant and enables anybody touching him to float perfectly even on the most voilent waters. Any chip he uses takes on a sea theme, but the effects are the same.

Personality: In contrast the this navi's operator, Geyserman is determined to improve Zolem's attitude by being upbeat and positive, giving its battles his all in an attempt to inspire his operator and friend. Friendly and honest to a fault, Geyserman has trouble avoiding touchy subjects or telling little white lies. It's also gullible, but Zolem prevents any huge mistakes. IT has no female or male personality, preferring to be neutral so as not to be judged by gender stereotypes. In addition, it has been programed in all forms of search and rescue techneques so as to help save lives.

Custom Weapon: Harpoon gun (like buster style. It can also work via stabs, still only buster strength though.)

Signature Attacks:

Pool 0/220

Old Faithful (2): A supercharged harpoon bolt of energy is fired beneeth the target, causing a huge torent of water to burst underneath them, knocking them down as well as damaging them. 60 Aqua damage. 2 turn cooldown.

Corral Armor (2): Geyser's armor grows a layer of super-protective coral. X-hit sheild for 3 hits

Feeding Frenzy (3): Taping into the Aquaforce (a mysterious power source discovered by Zolem's missing father), Geyser concentrates the energy into its hands, then fires shots form each finger. Each blast of deep blue energy is shaped like the head of a shark, hence the moves name of Feeding Frenzy. When it hits, a shark head bites its foe, doing both Slashing and Aqua damage at the same time. 10x10 Aqua and Slashing

NaviCust (40/40) - Undershirt (10), HP+50 (10), Attack+1 (10), Rapid+1 (5), Charge+1 (5)

Name: Armor_off.GMO

Description: Geyser's armor comes off, reveiling a compleatly androdginous humanoid of average build. It has green shouldrlength hair, deep blue eyes, and wears a loose green sweatshirt, black sweatpants, and red sneakers. In this form, Geyser's weapons apear as normal (instead of their usual sea theme), but instead of a buster, it fights with basic martialarts when not using a chip.