Name: Tarantella

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Type: Normal

Appearance: Tarantella isn't much different in build from Tony, though he is taller (almost six and a half feet tall). His normal outfit is a dark-blue, loose-fitting jumpsuit with flared sleeves and legs, though what he's wearing changes based off of the dance he's doing (Tight black pants, leather shoes, a flowing shirt and castanets for Flamenco, a skintight leotard for Ballet, etc.). Floating an inch or so off of his back is a small pair of swan wings.

Personality: Despite the fact that he's based off of one of the most expressive art forms known to man, Tarantella is a rather dull little guy. He speaks in a monotone, the kind that listening to for more than five minutes will knock anybody out cold, and rarely expresses his own opinion.

Custom Weapon: Dancer's Buster: A glowing field of energy that usually gathers around the focus of his current dance.

Signature Attacks:
Swan Stomp: Tarantella's wings expand, growing large enough to lift him into the air. He kicks an enemy into the air, then swoops above them, form where he proceeds to get River Dance on their ass, in the most violent way possible. 30 damage for the original kick, plus 4 hits of 10 damage while in the air (these hits don't happen if the first kick misses or the target isn't made airborne). 2 turn CD