(Sprite coming soon)

Name: Cyon

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Type: Normal

Appearance: I'll have a sprite soon if I can. He's a slightly tall navi, with a generally dark purple color scheme. On his chest is a golden breastplate consisting of multiple strips of metal (similar to what Pharoahs would have on their cheast, but without any designs). On his head , starting at the center of his forehead are V-Shaped crystal ridges, which are typically clear or neon shades of blue and purple. He has a typical humanoid face, with baby blue eyes. He has a large buster. His knees have spikes on them, and his boots are very angular.

Personality: He's typically calm and coolheaded, but he gets hyper sometimes, almost an opposite of Sharmandra.

Custom Weapon:
Rapid- A super-fast energy whip attached to the buster. It retracts or dissapates after use.
Charge: A huge whip of energy, attached to two miniature ones. It retracts after use.

Signature Attack: Cat-O-Nine: 9 Whips fly out of Cyon's blaster and hit the target. The whips look like his typical ones, except they glow green. 70 Dmg, 2 Turn Cooldown, Null Element