Navi: Kakkler.exe

Element: Normal

Type: Wind

Gender: Unknown

Appearance: Kakkler looks like an androgenous kid, like a 10 year old, with short, dark hair and dark violet eyes. Atop its head is a small crown that hovers just over its hair. Its body is covered with an exquisite, poncho-like covering made out of a shining, blue material with Kakkler's insignia on the front and back and lined with a thicker, white layer of cloth on the edges. Beneath it, Kakkler wears a white suit with puffed sleeves that stop at the wrist and pant legs. On its feet are silken boots with a pointed tip.

Personality: Kakkler is a more calm and collected than its Operator, but still enjoys playing around. Kakkler acts kinda girly, keeping neat and clean, and is easily embarrased when anyone stares at it.

Custom Weapon: Kakkler's weapon is a long staff with a curved end to make it look like a question mark. A lantern hangs from the end with a blue flame within it, supposedly containing the rancor of the virii deleted in battle. His charged weapon causes him to chant until it's charged then releases a blast of air that hits one target, pushing them back.

Signature Attack: Elemental Seal - Kakkler enchants an offensive, Neutral chip with a spell to imbue it with an Element. It only works on one-time use chips, like Shotgun. Two-turn cooldown.