Name: Calica
Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Type: N/A

Appearance: Calica is a navi of regular height for a female, with an attractive and shapely build. This fact is accented by her dress. She wears a black leather jacket, tight around the torso but flared at the arms, which end in white cuffs. This jacket opens in the center, showing off a large portion of her chest. This trend of exhibitionism continues with a tight pair of white shorts which extend only a short distance down the thigh. Her feet are protected by a pair of black leather boots, cuffed with white to match her sleeves. A head of sleek blonde hair falls past her hips and partway down her thigh. Her distinctive feature, though, is her eyes; icy blue, usually full of disinterest, these eyes offset her otherwise warm looks.

Personality: Calica normally acts like she doesn't really care about anyone else, If she finds the person uninterested she normally pretends to be not interested or pretends to ignore them. But really she's kind and ends up helping people anyways, even though Melay tells her to. Behind her strong I-don't-care attitude, Calica is actually kinda cute and can get embarrassed easily.

Custom Weapon: Calica can summon at will a whip formed of psychic energy. The weapon is in the shape of a long flexible whip, and it it colored with a see though green.

Signature Attack: VirusCross — Calica can cross with a Virus for 2 turns. Enabling her to change her appearance, type and fighting style to that of the virus she crossed with. Her weapon also changes to the weapon the virus uses, allowing her to use it's main attack.
2-turns 70-max damage Cap 2-turn cool down (starts to cool down once the cross is over)