Name: Steelsky.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Sword
Appearance: A tall Navi of medium build, dressed in light armor muffled with black cloth for silence, and a black cloak. Black hair. Carries a long, slim sword in his right hand and a wide, slightly long dagger for parrying in his left. Both sheaths are on his left side, made of (you guessed it) black leather. A Navi who fights with deliberate power and controlled motion, never expending too much energy.

Personality: Exudes an aura of confidence and impatience that manages to encourage or to intimidate, depending on who he's talking to. Moves with an agile, effortless grace, both in and out of battle, although ordinary life bores him and he finds exhilaration in combat.

Custom Weapon: Horizon & Steelsky (Sword/Dagger)

Signature: Blade Horizon - 70 damage, 2 cooldown, Null Elem, Sword Type

Steelsky uppercuts with his dagger while slicing powerfully downward with his sword.

//NaviCust 10MB Free//

//Chip Folder//
Shotgun x1
Cannon x1
Rageclaw x1.