Name: Jinnman.exe

Gender: Male

Element: Electric

Type: Wind

Appearence: He wears a small yellow and white turban, with some blonde bangs hanging out. He wears a yellow open vest, but no shirt underneath, in an attempt to show off his slightly muscular phyisique. He wears yellow parachute pants, with matching pointed yellow shoes. Another trait is a pair of butterfly wings that grant him slight hovering, but doesn't alter his power or speed too much.

Personality: He seems to have a flippant attitude towards enemies, seeing as Jacob is his Operator, victory is assured. He always seems to be too happy, with a grin almost glued to his face. His attacks and movements try to be as flashy as possible, as a way to impress his Operator and any teammates. His personal quote, "Any Navi can win with force, but a true hero wins with style!"

Custom Weapon: None

Signature Attack: Thunder Thorns- An attack that generates multiple lightning arcs that all converge on a foe of Jinnman's choosing. The attack alost seems as though lightning bolts are impaling the foe. (2 turn cooldown, 70 Elec Damage)