Name: Kitsune
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Type: Wind

(Picture made by my sister)
An oversized, golden-red fox with three tails. He has the Japenese symbol for wisdom on his forehead. His eyes glow a bright blue, and give a sense of infinite knowledge.

Personality: Though extremely intelligent, he is also extremely childish and mischevious. While seeking knowledge, he also tries to trick evil navis. Sometimes, he refuses to listen to Tom's instructions, and loves to run free.

Custom Weapon: Claws and teeth.

Signature attack: Name - Spirit Armor
Description - by using immense power, Kitsune rips a whole between the Cyber World and the "Spirit World". Positive spirit energy flows through, becoming a form of armor for whom Kitsune chooses it to. However, due to its spectral nature, it fades out after a short amount of time.
Effect - 1-hit barrier (20pts) + 1 turn HardBody(40pts)
Cooldown - 2 turn

.GMO files:
Humanform.GMO - Kitsune is changed to resemble his operator. He wears a black shirt, pants, and shoes, wears sunglasses, and has spikey hair like him. However, his shirt is blank (doesn't have any symbol on it), his hair is orange, and visible under the sunglasses are his eerily blue eyes. Also, unlike his operator, his arm isn't broken.