Name: Aidan
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Type: Wind

Appearance: Aidan is roughly 5'11" tall, with a slim and agile look to him. While he lacks the super-defined muscles seen on most melee combat navis, he does have a distinct toneness to his body. He wears a gold bandana around his head, holding his black bangs off of his face and keeping his emo-ishly long hair in check. He has dark green eyes, almost emerald colored, that are usually slightly squinted as he looks about for possible loot.

He wears a faded black jean jacket overtop a clean, white wife beater that has a gold dragon design on the chest. He wears a matching pair of faded black blue jeans. On his hands, he wears a pair of lint-free "work" gloves, and on his feet, he wears lightweight shoes that have fur-padded soles to reduce footstep noise.

Aidan was programmed to be an adventurous spirit—a persistent excitement seeker. Clutch and silent under intense-pressure situations, he subscribes to the school that believes that if something is worth doing, it's worth doing with extravagant flair. Unfortunately, his show-off tendencies often seem to get him into far more trouble than he would if he simply focused on getting a job done. In his personal time, he neither seeks nor avoids company, but believes in making himself decently pleasant to get along with. His sense of chivalry seems to get him in as much trouble with men as with the ladies, as his definition of being gentlemanly involves punching out or otherwise insulting fellows who don't show the fairer sex proper respect. Although he's quite the flirt, and always claims to be looking for true love, in some ways he seems to keep love at a distance, shamelessly teasing a love interest one moment and dropping her for some more pressing matter the next. Faulty programming, Sohee says, to which Aidan simply shrugs good-naturedly, with the slightest hint of carefree boredom.
All of these characteristics seem to point to an anomaly in Aidan's programming where for having a wide, chameleonic array of frequently changing, outgoing outward personalities to draw from, his inward personality actually seems quite distant and somewhat of an enigma.

Custom Weapon: Dual stilettos, one wielded in each hand. Can, of course, decide to only wield one of the daggers for normal damage. Used to slash, stab, cut, slice, dice, and everything in between.

Signature Attack: Ligera Ventaja
Aidan throws one of the daggers at the opponent, while using the power of his speed to follow right behind it and deliver a powerful slash to the target. 15+55 Damage (Thrown dagger, Slice). 2 CD.