Element: Normal
Type: Normal
He is covered with icy blue veins due to a programming malfunction in his code.His face is covered by a cloak and a blue visor.The helmet has three fins on top and his elbem is on the side of his head.His chest is medium build and has his elbem inset.He has medium sized arms and small clawlike hands.His legs are powerfully built for speed and his boots are very shiny.
Personality:He has no mercy.He eliminates targets with extreme vigilance and goes by the Shadowhand code,"To insure freedom, at all costs."
Custom Weapon:
Renkai Bouyo Zhan:
2 daggers of darkness, these carry very powerful styles in which they may be used.Among these are Jar'Kai, the style of blocking with one and attacking with the other in quick fluid motion, Ataru, the style of quick, spinning, thrusts, and Jay'tel, the art of having both blade forward to stop any attack.
Signature Attack:
Darkness of the Dragon:
Unleashes a dragon that attacks the nearest enemy, 70 damage with 3 turn cooldown.