Name: Brother Arbalan

Gender: Male

Element: Normal.

Type: Sword

Appearance: Brother Arbalan is an imposing figure, even for a Navi. He stands at a height one and a half times the height of a normal navi, and is broad chested and heavily muscular. One cannot see his physical body underneath his armor, however; Brother Arbalan is covered from head to toe in a full armor of Ceramite, and even his joints are fully covered by carapace armor. Grey and unpainted, the armor is scratched and battle scarred, the surviving remnant of a thousand battles, and yet not belying Brother Arbalan's experience; he has yet to be deployed; only wearing the armor of his deleted comrade. His helmet is also battle scarred, with two red eyes and a rebreather. To prevent rear assaults from being the death of him, armor is put onto the back, as it also protects a pack that powers and monitors the majority of his power armor systems. Should it be destroyed, Arbalan can remove the top armor in a breath, showing a heavily built and impeccably toned upper body. However, his large size belies his grace and dexterity; many an enemy has been cut down under his chainsword, not expecting such a large warrior to be able to turn and attack them so suddenly. His face is never shone, as Brother Arbalan never takes his helmet off.

Personality: Arbalan, despite his inexperience in actual battle, is well taught in the art of strategy and tactics. He knows that he is the only Navi his master has, and approaches everything with a cautious and well guarded approach. He refuses to fight on an enemy's terms whenever possible, always making sure that he will not be caught by surprise in battle. Outside of battle, he is equally cautious, with a no-nonsense attitude towards his master's requests and commands. He gets humor and sarcasm, but usually does not laugh or reply to such silly acts. Arbalan does not usually understand human interaction, but does not attempt to interfere with his master's life; nor does he try to understand it.

Custom Weapon: Arbalan carries a chainsword at all times, strapped to his side. It is the basis of all of his melee attacks, even those chip-enhanced, and he uses it in melee. It has runes etched in either side and Arbalan spends his down time maintaining it and regularly praying for it to be blessed to strike down his enemies. His charge attack involves him revving it to high speeds before striking, two-handed.
Signature Attack(s):

Emperor's Blade: Arbalan begins this attack by muttering litanies to an entity known only as the Emperor, asking for his assistance in striking down his enemies. His chainsword begins to glow with a holy energy, light radiating off of it. Arbalan continues to pray, revving up the chainsword and charging the enemy. When he gets into melee, he strikes, and the holy energy is unleashed upon the poor foe, ripping through him with the Emperor's might. 70 dmg CD 2.