Name: Tekkai
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Type: Break

Hp: 100
Level: 0
Attack: 2
Rapid: 2
Charge: 2
Crosses: None

Battle Chip Folder

Unequipped Chips

Navi Customizer Information
Attack +1
Rapid +1
Charge +1
Points: 30/40

He stands at about the typical navi height. He wares almost identical looking clothing to Shin except for the color. He has a sleeveless light blue chest armor, which isn't very thick, and looks more like a shirt of sorts. He wares baggy looking light blue leg armor, and has foot ware that looks like sneakers, and are dark blue. He wares gloves that are dark blue and light blue mixed together to make the same pattern thats on his PET. His navi symbol is a cursive "T" with a stream of water with a dragon's head circling around it. The dragons head sits on top of the "T". He wares a dark blue ninja hood over his head, and has a ninja like mask that covers the bottom portion of his head, up to his nose.

Tekkai is a navi who obeys all commands given to him by Shin. He is a loyal navi who is also a bit mysterious as well. Tekkai is very intelligent and likes to play mind games with navis that he does not like.

Custom Weapon
Prophesy Gauntlets: Tekkai can use his gauntlets as kind of a way to create and or manipulate water or ice. He can slam his hands to the ground, and set off water shock waves to attack the enemy with. The front of each shock wave is in the shape of a dragon's head.

Signature Attack
1st Release: Torrential Dragon Stream Burst: Tekkai puts both arms out in the front of him, and they begin to change shape. He is suddenly granted a huge Cannon in the form of a Dragons head. When fired, an enormous stream of water energy is unleashed at sonic speed towards the target. The water is as cold as ice and leaves the target in a frozen state if hit.
(40 dmg + Freeze effect, 2 turn cooldown)