Net Navi

Name: Kenji
Gender: ...male? I dunno, he's pretty damn effeminate!
Element: Electric
Type: Wind
Appearance: Kenji tends to have very similar features as his counterpart Keito, but tends to look and act more effeminate, having more curves and getting mistaken for a woman more often. Though considering it's Keito, that's not much. Kenji prefers to sport a long braided ponytail, though like his operator has his left eye continuously covered by his bangs, and wears a red ribbon to tie it off in the back. His eyes are a shade of emerald green with a mischievous hint glittering behind them. His face is usually alight with a cocky grin that shows of a small pair of sharp fangs. Two black clips line the bridge of his nose in the form of a curious piercing, as well he wears a similar pair on the top part of his left ear, which seem to be slightly pointed in appearence. Occasionally he wears a blue hooded cloak across his shoulders to mask his features, but usually sheds it when a battle begins in a dramatic fashion, striking a silly pose in the process. Across his waist a long white loincloth-like sash drapes down past his knees with several arcane symbols embroidered onto the front, with a red border lining the sides. He wears a pair of loose hakama-like blue pants with a decal of a tiger fighting a dragon embroidered on both legs with a white trim. On his chest he wears a skin tight body suite vest with no sleeves on either arm, cutting off at the shoulders, with two small rectangular holes in the back over the shoulder blades. A series of thin bandages wrap around both his arms, starting from the palm of his hand to his elbows, leaving his fingers uncovered for more flexibility.

Lil' reference point

Personality: Calling Kenji a deviant is like calling a Virus "slightly cranky". Mischief seems to spread wherever he goes, constantly cracking jokes or playing pranks on other navis. This tends to lead Kenji into various misfortunate situations, leading to a comic retaliation or a karmic retribution. What he lacks in common sense he makes up for in creativity, often finding elaborate ways to aggravate teammates or allies. Although his chaotic tendencies seem like they'd drive every navi in a five mile radius away, his rambunctious side seems to have settled down a bit after meeting the stoic Nachamen, almost like a piece of his wild side was drained from him, occasionally giving him a more serious tone when times get rough. Kenji is always seen wearing a cocky grin or a mischievous smile across his face, letting of a slight sense of arrogance or stupidity. Though he's not the greatest tactician, he enjoys a good battle; loving the chance to match his skills against various opponents, often employing off the wall maneuvers or tricks to confuse weaker enemies, or general cowardice against stronger ones. Kenji takes great pride in his small form, often calling himself the sexiest male on the net, and never hesitates to show himself off to the fairer sex, often leading to more painful shenanigans.

Custom Weapon: A curved metal staff, obsidian with small illegible writing littered across. A red gem floats in the center of the curved end,and a scythed blade on the other.


Summer Yukata

Description: During more casual times when he is allowed to relax after a big mission, Kenji likes to don a more loose fitting garb than his usual skin tight attire. After a little tweaking with his pet, Keito was able to program in a very stylish indigo blue yukata. It carries the same decal of a dragon fighting a tiger, with a white kamon in the shape of a hitodama over his heart. He still retains the bandages over his arms, but the sandals on his feet turn into a pair of iron getas. His weapon of choice is replaced with a long katana strapped across his back, and an old ordnance pistol across his waist. Impossible as it seems, a faint trace of stubble is evident on his chin, Keito tried hard to give him a somewhat masculine appearance, but his programming seemed to defy him at every turn. Go figure.
Signature attack:

-Shundo jump
Description: Kenji Uses an instant movement technique to teleport, and leaves behind an after image. The after image lasts for one round providing kenji with a decoy.
Effect: Area grab, make a decoy lasting till the end of next turn or destroyed.

Points: 90

-Spirit Arrows:
Description: Kenji clasps his hands together and concentrates his spirit into several floating balls of energy. He then sends the floating spirits to attack, they seperate and charge towards an an enemy and explode on impact. When the arrows connect with the opponent, electrical energy courses through their body stunning them.
Effect: 70 dmg+Stun 3TCD electric

Points: 100

-Tekkai burst:
Description: Kenji focuses his spiritual energy, materializing it into his spiritual guardian Kira. She is a well muscled brawler who stands by him to defend him from assault. She blocks one attack from an opponent and retaliates with an earth-shattering punch that sends the opponent flying back.
Effect: 1 hit barrier, upon hit counters for 40dmg + microburst, 3TCD

--Breaker assault:
Description: Kenji focuses his spiritual energy, materializing it into his spiritual guardian Kira. Kira proceeds to charge towards the opponent and assault them relentlessly. Summoning her for this task is an endeavor, it requires a large amount of energy to perform, weakening him in the process.
Effect: 20+break every round for 3 rounds, 15 hp to initiate. 3TCD


Mime Kenji

Description:After watching Nach continuously reform his form to mimic his opponents, Kenji eventually found a way to adapt this technique through practice. After performing a combo attack with Nachamen, he was able to fully develop it. His clothes all

Appearance: When crossing, Kenji sheds his cloak and dons a black skin tight vest. All color is drained from his clothes and his hair turns white. His eyes are the only exception, they change to a vivid blue and seem to glow among his colorless clothes. The two marking under his eyes spread across his entire body in the form of strange decalled tatoos. His overall form seems to look like a gothic mime.

Personality: As normal, but tends to speak in riddles, if at all, and tends to mimic what others say like a parrot.

Signature attacks:

Reshape & reform: Kenji takes on a bit of a gaseous form and seems to leave behind a trail of smoke as he walks. It is in fact a decoy that clings to Kenji's body, and when struck by an attack, the weapon seems to passes right through him. The attack is actually deflected into the decoy. At this point, the smoke seeps into his body and coarses through him, healing him gradually every round.

Effects: Decoy (1), Regeneration 2 rounds, (20+20+20=60)