Name: Toxin.EXE
Gender: Male

HP: 100
Level: 0
Element: Normal
Type: Sword
Speed: 3

Navicust: [30/40]
Attack +1
Charge +1
Rapid +1




-Appearance: A sickly navi with mostly green/black armor. His hair is black and matted down with sweat, his face is a comlete contrast to it, being incredibly pale. There are purple stripes under his eyes (bloodshot, green), running vertical towards his mouth. His mouth is covered by a two-canistered gas mask which is a permanent fixture. This causes his breathing and speaking to be extremely raspy, and also contributes to his shortness of breath. Other than that, his armor is lightweight, and fairly simple in design while being effective in battle. The only deviation from this otherwise normal armor are his purple plasma claws extending from the back of each wrist.
-Personality: Just as his operator, but he doesn't think twice about helping someone unless instructed to by Fleminger or if it would benefit him immensely.
-Custom Weapon: Purple plasma claws extending from the back of each wrist, three bladed and extending (at most) about 1.5 feet off of his hand. The blades also have the ability to poison an opponent with Toxin's namesake poison.

Signature Attack: Venom Claws: (2 CD)(30 DMG): After activating their venom, Toxin takes a leap at his foe and swings both claws at them. Although weak, the foe, if stricken, automatically takes 10 unavoidable damage at the beginning of their next 2 turns.