Name: Kanti
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Type: Wind

Appearance: Kanti is modeled after Daekin's grandfather, a soldier that he admires above all other people. Using his meager skills in programming, he slowly modified a default Navi until it eventually became Kanti. With a basic bodysuit of blue, Daekin added on a steel grey set of armor over the chest, arms, feet, hips, and a visor over the eyes. A neon green trim is used to add stylization to the Navi, featuring basic outlining, and several instances of dots, including the four-point set of points on the visor. Those with the ability to closely analyze the Navi will find the neon green to be fiber-optic cables. The only point of skin showing is the mouth and cheeks below the nose.


Personality: Like Daekin, Kanti is a pretty cheerful guy. But instead of a flair for numbers and programming, Kanti has a wealth of wisdom and the tendency to speak a bit more philosophically. Being an avid reader, Kanti is a frequent lurker on the BBS, and makes occasional appearances to shed some light on an obscure situation. Daekin added in pieces of a web-surfing program to Kanti, which explains why the Navi seems to keep up-to-date with recent events and other subjects of interest.

Custom Weapon: Raikei. Supposedly made of lodestone, the Raikei is a sword that can charge and fire lightning with a pull of the trigger device that also seems to function as a hand guard.

Special Ability: Gust
As per the wind type, Kanti can move an object with a gust of wind. However, in sticking with the electric type, objects appear to be moved through an electromagnetic principle. A trail of electricity seems to pull the object and throw it, rather than a gust of wind. This has no effect outside appearances, and is purely for the "cool" factor.

Signature Attack: Shockwave

Using the wind special ability Gust, the target is lifted into the air (in the case of those who can already fly, "held in mid-air" is more accurate). Then, Kanti swings the Raikei in an upwards fashion, sending out a wave of electricity into the target, who is let go on impact to collide with the ground below.

Damage: 40
Effect: Target cannot dodge, BUT they can use barriers and such to guard against the attack.
Drawback: Uses up Gust ability until cooldown period is completed.
Cooldown: 2 Turns