Name: Polarman
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Type: Break
Appearance: About the same height and build as his operator, he has on the general light armor of navis. His helmet is a deep red, and his visor is almost pitch black. His chest is the same deep red as his helmet. His His chest and crotch plates is a deep red. His gauntlets and boots are a lighter shade of gray. The spikes on his gauntlets and boots are black. His body suit is pitch black. His hair, which you can only see when he uses De-Magnatize, is close-cropped blonde.
Personality: While Klin is very calm, Polarman is quick to temper. The littlest thing could make him snap. And when it comes to his name he is very touchy. When ever he is introduced, others jump to the conclusion he is Ice based. This agravates him, and if given the chance will go into a long and detailed rant as to why he is not Ice based but is Electric based and how polar is connected to magnets. Otherwise he can generally be a cheerful guy, semi-funny and nice. His temper cannot be directed at women though. It doesn't matter what a woman does to him, he will take it and be a nice as he can be to them.
Custom Weapon: Uses martial arts. Small spikes added on to his gauntlets and boots.
Signature Attack: De-Magnatize: Where normally Polarman's body acts as a huge magnet to keep his armor on him, temporarily he loses this quality. All of his armor falls off of him. This allows him to, for that time period, move faster then he normally would with the restricting armor. When the time period is over, his body remagnitizes and his armor goes back to where it belongs.(Increased accuracy and evasion. Lasts 2 turns and at end of 2nd turn his armor returns to his body. Cooldown takes 2 turns and starts turn after effects wear off.)