Name: Typecast.exe, though Nik has taken to calling her Tyci for short.

Gender: Female

Element: Normal

Type: Sword

Appearance: Tyci shares much of her predecessor's earlier physique, aside from the obvious differences. Extremely thin and only standing about 5'7", she has a strength that belies her size, as made evident by the weight of the scythe she carries. Her helmet, which has two spiky formations coming from the top and right side of her head, as well as one of Ergo's "side spikes", only allows for one of her eyes to be visible, though the other one can still somehow see what's going on around her. Her jumpsuit (during her normal state) is an off white while her armor is a mixture of varying shades of silver. Picture.

Personality: Tyci's persona is a mixture of what Nik was able to recover of Ergo's, as well as her own individual personality traits. She is usually friendly and outgoing towards others, sometimes to the point of annoyance. Since she is still trying to get used to her own sense of self, she is very curious and often times will find herself in a sticky situation because of it. There are times when she experiences what Nik calls "mood swings", during which some bit or another of Ergo's personality bubbles to the surface. Though she has most of Ergo's past memories, she tries to not let them define the type of Navi she's going to be.

Custom Weapon: E.R.G.O. Scythe - A huge scythe with a smaller blade on the butt end. It has the ability to retract its blades, enabling Tyci to use it as a normal staff when not in use. While it's in this state, the head of the staff bears a slight resemblance to the top of Ergo's helmet. The blade on the end of the scythe is able to be repositioned as Tyci sees fit, whether to act as another scythe or a spear.

Signature Attack: Typecast: This self titled Sig Attack is what makes Tyci live up to her name. By sacrificing a battle chip, she is able to integrate the element of the chip into her own data for a short period of time. While she is channeling the elemental data, her jumpsuit and armor change color to suit her new element and her attacks will flare, freeze, shock or splinter based on which element she has absorbed.
Mechanics: Once Tyci sacrifices a chip, she can no longer use any chip of the same name for the remainder of the fight, whether in battle or as another sacrifice. Once she has assumed her borrowed element, the effect will last for 3 turns, after which a 3 turn cool down must take place before she can use the move again.

History: After receiving a letter in the mail, Nik and Ergo journeyed to Sci Labs to participate in the product testing of a third party PET. There was nothing wrong with his current PET, but Nik's was rather dated and he figured that a new place for Ergo to live for a while would be a nice change, almost like a vacation for the Navi. So they went to the building, sat through the introduction meeting with a spattering of other civilian Net Ops and Navis, and eventually ended up in the testing room. That's when things began to go wrong. After having the PET activated and configured to Ergo's specifications, Nik began the process of uploading Ergo to the "new" PET.
The problem is that it wasn't "new". Earlier in the testing phase, another Navi had been loaded onto this particular PET to test the interface. When they were done and the Navi was removed, however, there was a fatal error in the early software and she perished before managing to be fully extracted. Even though the newest version of the software was bug-proof and had been uploaded onto the PET, the data of the previous Navi had not been removed.
The moment that Ergo leapt into the new PET, something in the system kicked in and realized that multiple Navis were inhabiting a single Navi space. So the system did what it thought was the only reasonable action: it made it so only one Navi was there. To Nik's horror his friend and partner was wiped away in a blur of spinning data. When the storm subsided, all that was left was a single female Navi, unconscious and lying on the "floor." Despite attempts to recover Ergo's data, the company was only able to gather bits and pieces, so completely were the two Navis data signatures merged. As compensation for his loss, Nik as allowed to keep the new PET and the Navi. He attempted to recover Ergo on his own computer, but due to his remedial programming skills he was only able to recover his memories and a small bit of his former personality. After uploading these little fragments of Ergo into the new Navi, Nik had no choice but to give up. Ergo was gone, and nothing could change that.
Nik has since dropped out of the bounty hunting circuit and is currently a freelance virus buster.

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