Name: Shinokami
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Sword
Appearance: At a distance, some may mistake him for a winged Anubis. However, upon closer inspection, this proves to be false. His general appearance is of a humanoid shape, mixed in with wolfish features. The 'fur' is a deep grey, almost black, with lighter along the underside of his muzzle and chest. He also has yellow war-paint-like markings under both eyes, along with a spiky mohawk of sorts over the top and back of his head, with feathers near his ears. He also has a feather hanging from one of the piercings in both ears. Around his neck is a purple jewel of sorts (containing his Heart Program) attached by a silver chain. Around his wrists is a silver bracelet, of unknown purpose. He wears black baggy pants and a pair of heavy boots with metallic parts around the lacings, heel and toe. He also has a long, deep red cloth at the front of his waist that reaches almost to his ankles, as well as a large white keg at his waist. The purpose of this is also unknown, but it sounds like it conceals a liquid of sorts. The other noticeable feature is the black feather wings that he has. Sometimes, these are functioning, but he only flies during battles and only to use special attacks. (Example here and here)
Personality: He is rather serious and respectful of whoever his master may currently be. He wouldn't dare to question his orders, yet he occasionally gives advice to the less-experienced Kamoku and strategic insight to the hyperactive Marie. He always stands tall, even in battle, appearing unnerving to some. However, this is simply part of his battle strategy taught by Hisai to fool his opponents into guarding against certain attacks and creating weak points to attack (ie, an enemy expects a frontal attack, yet Shinokami attacks from behind or above).
Custom Weapon: Two long-bladed scythes, taller than Shinokami himself. The blades are similar in shape to this example, yet the handles are very long and have sharp tips at the base. One scythe is coloured white with gold on certain areas (ie, lining of the base etc) and is named Kafziel. The other scythe is coloured black entirely and is named Irkalla. He wields Kafziel when operated by Kamoku and Irkalla when operated by Hisai. When operated by Marie, he wields two large handguns, coloured white and black, with red blades reaching downwards from the barrel-end. These guns are named Sanctus and Obscurum respectively. He also has a large, bladed crucifix chained to his back, named Cruciare, which is coloured white. He uses this in rare circumstances, however, as it is too heavy to be wielded effectively for any length of time.

Signature Attack: Musou Tenshou Yoku no Jin Shinokami soars upwards into the air (where allowed, out of sight entirely) and loops over entirely, away from the enemy, gathering speed as he does. On his descent, he levels out and flies straight for one enemy, his chosen weapon(s) held behind him. Upon impact, there is a flash and a loud slash sound. Shinokami is, at that point, slashing the enemy, however the point of impact is rarely seen. Instead, Shinokami is already behind the enemy with his weapon(s) held in an after-attack pose. Only when the base of one of the scythes touches the ground is damage dealt, though Shinokami usually ends the attack by spinning his weapon and bashing the base against the ground. (70 damage, 1 target, 2-turn cooldown)

Battlechips: Cannon, Shotgun, RageClaw

NaviCust [EQUIPPED]: ATK+1, RAP+1, CHG+1, Undershirt

NaviCust [NOT EQUIPPED]: None


Shinokami [Default]

Sin: Wrath
Description: Shinokami's build becomes noticeable more muscular and emanates a feral presence. His clothing changes to that of a long black jacket/cloak combination, shredded almost to tatters. His black pants are also shredded and his boots have been removed completely, the black-clawed feet only adding to the feral look. Around his wrists and ankles are heavy-duty manacles, the chains of which have been broken a foot from the manacles themselves. Shinokami's wings are still attatched, but his hair has been replaced with very long bright-red hair. As an after effect, he can, if he wishes, give off a powerful black-flame aura. Being a personification of Wrath in this form, Shinokami's personality changes to that of a crazed psychopathic murderer.
Custom Weapon Change: No weapons are wielded by Ira. Instead, Ira uses his claws to rend the enemy apart.