Name: Eriol.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Cursor
Appearance: Eriol somewhat really looked like a human, he somewhat share his operator's appearance (on head part) but instead, he wears blue chestplate with an emblem of a sword with a pair of small gold wings in the sword emblem's handle, yellow long-sleeved shirt, blue knee-length shorts with yellow stripes on the sides & blue shoes with yellow stripes on the sides.
Personality: Eriol may have a wierd name but he's somewhat opposite to his operator. He's somewhat cheerful and a bit friendlier than his operator but sometimes, he sympathizes his operator if Hatsuya is somewhat depressed.
Custom Weapon: Clow Rifle: Pleidon's rifle is a semi-automatic Buster weapon.
Signature Attack: Hatsuya Crash (gun & sword combo signature attack. A combination of Cursor & Sword type attacks)
Hatsuya Crash somewhat works like this: Five shots to the enemy (5hp per shot = 25 total damage <5*5>) then a kick to the enemy to the sky (5hp). If the enemy's in mid-air, he shoots the enemy with a blue beam (10hp) and if it nearly fell on the ground, he stabs the enemy with his Pleidrian Blade (30hp). Grand total: 70hp!, Cooldown time: 3