Name: Kitt
Gender: Female
Element: Electric
Type: Wind

Appearance: Originally made to resemble Jean's younger sister, Kitt has the rounded face of a child, making her look like a 14 year-old. Despite her capibilities of being as outragous as Jean could ever want, Kitt actually looks more like a normal human than her Operater, with wide, hazel brown eyes and dirty blond hair. Her hair, though beautiful and thin, is most likely to be found in a ponytail, with only the bangs that had been forcedly cut into her hair sticking out of it. She wears a bright red form fitting shirt that fell loose over her green cargo capris. Her black shoes are like tennis shoes, but more flexible, made for a dancer.

Personality: She was a tomboy with fickle and ever-changing emotions that are worn on her sleeve. She has a very close relationship with her Operater, and is very likely to jump into battle if she ever feels that Jean is being insulted. However, she is immature when dealing with insults directed towards her and is not unknown to go running to Jean for advice and consolence. She talks a lot and is the only other companion Jean ever feels the absence of besides Kazu. Kitt is dependant on Jean in almost every way, acting very much like the late sister she was made after.

Buster: Concentrated gusts of wind that cut like razors.

Signature Attack: Zeus' Grant: Kitt is lent the power of thunder from the original God himself.

Kitt is considered to have gained seven charges.

Applying a charge to an attack always changes it to Electric element. Elec-element attacks and Kitt's buster recieve a +10 damage bonus. Wood, Fire, and Aqua attacks lose 10 damage. Up to 2 charges may be applied to the same attack.