Name: Akikaze.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Wood
Type: Wind
Appearance: Humanoid. Black long hair done in a ponytail. Wears a green bandana, and has a blue mask that covers the mouth and the nose. Her upper body is protected by a green ninja armor, though the upper chest area isn't covered. On each part of the armor that covers her shoulders is her emblem - a leaf that is being curled up by the wind. She also has matching pairs of blue arm and leg guards. The rest of her body is covered in black criss-crossing cloth.
Personality: She acts like an older sister to Hayate, and often gets into a sibling-like quarrel with him. She likes to browse through his ecchi files, always nagging him for image changes - which he always rejects.
Custom Weapon: Kamaitachi Midareuchi - Akikaze's multi-hit charged buster attack, where she shoots out an assortment of kunais and shurikens (is it okay that this hits multiple times, but the sum of damages is equal to everybody else's custom weapon?)
Signature Attack: Shoufuu Whip - Akikaze brings out her spiked vine-like whips in each hand and lashes at the nearest target with gale-like speed. Hits multiple times, dealing wood type damage, for a total of 70hp damage. Has a cooldown of 2 turns.