Name: Kegamusha
Gender: Male
Element: Normal (No benefits or penalties due to elements.)
Type: Sword
Passive: Sword Mastery. All Slashing attacks an additional Accuracy rank. Accuracy with slashing attribute attacks can surpass A rank.

Ability: Swordplay. Free action parry/dodge after 2 consecutive Slashing attacks. (Once Per Turn)
Appearance: Has midnight black shiny leather armour plating over all his body. A cape accents the armour with the darkness of a moonless night on the exterior and the gleaming silver color of the gracious moon radiating from the interior. Holds five sheaths on right and left of him, which he draws shinsei kouken out of. Shinsei Kouken has its own personality and physical mirage like representation, yet this physical character representation holds NO battle benefit and is merely there for story elements. The swords physical representation resembles a peregrine falcon, which does nothing in battle aside during signature attacks. Mounted on the navi's head is nothing but a pair of black sun glasses, which just happen to have various computerized processes. Mildly muscular looking, yet holds untold strength. Silver hair and shimmering silver eyes.

Personality: Cold, calculated, and short tempered. Kegamusha works toward improving himself, he will not rest until he has enough power to protect others. He in all senses of the word....SEVERLY DISLIKES his operator, who is too self centered and holds no conception of the word "Self-sacrifice". Kegamusha himself puts up a very very hard shell, not wanting anyone to get to know him until he can protect them. He will not allow himself to get close and make attachments to those around him, and then loose them because he was too weak to do anything. Where exactly he will draw that line of having gotten "good enough" is uncertain at best. Normally does not say much and will be the loner in a mass conversation. Holds GREAT difficulty interacting with girls, they totally rattle his concentrated and cool nature, he will make nothing but mistakes in his efforts to do anything in there presence, aside protecting them that is.

Bio: The general idea goes something like this. Basically the navi was developed for this special pent-blade assault style, where a blade is wielded by each arm and leg plus one in the mouth. The navi was developed by a special unnoticed laboratory working on experimental battle styles and navi types, and while he was there he made some very strong connections.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. The laboratory one day was annihilated by a pack of ravenous navis that sought to corrupt various navis. While he was with his friends the navi group was ambushed. At the time the navi had been the strongest fighter, most of his friends being more recon and support type navi's. The inexperienced navi had to battle a pack of 10 vicious navis that had been battling for about 15 years. Needless to say the poor navi fell in less then a minute; and was forced to watch the murder of his friends while he slowly died.

After finishing off his friends the myriad of bandits left the navi for dead and sacked the cyber lab, taking anything they thought would hold value. The navi clung just barely to life, when a group of first response medi-programs arrived and slowly rehabilitated him to fully operational state. The process was grueling and painful, it took 2 months for a full recovery from the trauma.

After his recovery the penta-sword wielder was essentially tossed out onto the street; the lab filed bankruptcy, and the navi was forced to fend for himself on the internet; that is, until one fateful day which the navi would forever regret. While wandering the streets doing some basic bug busting, a goofy 10 year old kid saw him and thought he would make a really neat navi, so he used a "Hi-jack Ring", effectively taking the navi hostage.

The kid was a complete rich-boy spoiled brat in all sense of the phrase, and the navi couldn't stand it, yet he had to deal with it. The 5 bladed user was callas and bitter, he held a cold and hard personality and poured all his efforts into net battling, into improving himself so he could protect others; so that he could live with his inability to protect his friends at the lab. At present, he has not yet met his blade...but he does get the feeling that during battles something is speaking to him.

Custom Weapon: shinsei kouken (five separate blades)

Summery Stats

Navi: Kegamusha.Exe
Zenny: 450
HP: 150
Level: 3
[b]Buster Power ups:3
Battlechips: Cannon, Rageclaw, Shotgun,Ringlog1.
Crosses: None.
Key Items: Imprisonment PET Beta, Backup Data
Navi Customizer contents: Undershirt, HP+50.
Navicust points available: 20/40
Signature Attacks(60/60 of point pool expended) :
Vampiric Variation
Effect:Life Drain
Overall Effect: Drains 5 hp from one target every turn of a battle and channels it to Kegamashu's HP, if that target should be deleted the leeching effect will be applied to another target, however this is the only way it can change.

Elite Performance
adds 20 dmg to any one chip or charged buster shot used after its activation that turn.