Net Navi: Zexis.exe
Type: Fire/breaker
Appearance: he wears a black navi suit with a wolf-like helmet. He has claws and other similar projections. He has a glitch in his arm that makes it twich when recieving orders. He also has jet black wing that appear only for a bluff they can be used for flight though. They have tufts of feathers ripped out and end in sharp bonelike projections. He has green ankleats and braclets that surve as a rage limiter that keeps his functions in check. Around his black navi suit is a glowing red stripe. This stripe flashes when the rage of Zexis is to high, this then acctivates the limiters. His claws turn red at the sight of virii.
Personality:Part of his program was an experment on how to use navicust gliches and beastlike battle tactics to create a net navi so he is always hungry for battle and has a slight tendancey to look at navis and virii like a starving african child would look at 3 helpings of kobe beef. He also enjoys the wild busting style that his net op. uses. He can get angry quite quickly and is the one who usualy wake his op. out of a dreamy haze. He also gives in to his primitive instintes which makes him very upredictable. He loves to netbattle with a passion. Without his limiters and his op, however Zexis knows that his personality would never survive so he is very nervious about tests when his limiters are taken off.

Custom weapon: Dark claw. He uses his claws.
Sinature move: Iner beast:Septimus built a beast utilizing program in which Zexion increases attack stat by 2( a 2 turn duration it deos not stack) and attacks 1 enemy for 40 damage. damage. 2 turn cool down