Name: DarkDestiny.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Normal

Appearance: DarkDestiny's favorite form has a black cloak that goes from his neck to the ground. When he allows the cloak to open, such as when he is walking, he has abnormally large boots that strengthen his attacks. His head is similar to that of a normal navi, a helmet that shows the face. The helmet, his undersuit, his boots, and his cloak are all black when he isn't glitched.

Personality: Normally dark, hence his name, is convinced that the world will end any moment. Generally not fun to be around, he's silent and slightly depressed most of the time. Random glitches occasionally cause him to become bright and cheerful, turning his cloak and boots a light blue color. The same glitch can also cause him to be filled with rage or passion, turning his cloak red or purple respectively.

Custom Weapon: Dark Slam: DarkDestiny leaps into the air and kicks the enemy with his massive boots.

Signature Attack: Beheading Blow: DarkDestiny puts all of his strength into a massive kick, dealing 70 damage in a single blow. The effort needed to lift his boots that far off the ground and aim them directly at the enemy wears him out, forcing him to wait two turns before he can use this attack again.