Name: Pyre
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Type: cursor
Appearence: He stands at a height of 5' 9''. His hair is a bit longer than Leon's at 1 inch and is blonde. He wears what a typical archer may wear. Being more of a stealthy kind of NetNavi, he wears a black cloth tied around his face(with little slits in the eyes so he can see) so no one can see his face. He has a dark gray (but not black) long-sleeved shirt. He wears the same color pants that fit him perfectly so he can move around freely without any disturbance due to his pants being to big or small. On the back of his shirt there is a rope and tied to the rope there's a quiver for his arrows. He has a gray belt that carries his bow for him when he isn't holding it. Finally, for his feet, he wears small, black shoes that almost seem like socks.
Personality: Pyre's personality is almost the complete opposite of Tyler's. He is a bit on the mean side. He is the type of person who will speak their mind even if it hurts the person's feelings. He is a very persuasive person too. He usually persuades Tyler into doing anything. Although it may seem like it, Pyre isn't an all around bad Navi. He works well with others as a leader, and is ready to defeat any virus that comes in his way. He is a very reliable Navi and one that anyone such as Tyler is lucky to come across.
Custom Weapon: A Bow and Arrows. He lights his arrows on fire before shooting them.
Signature Attack: The Wall of Inferno: He sends dozens of flaming arrows around the opponent he is facing which creates a wall of fire around the enemy. 70 fire damage. 2 turn cool down.