NetNavi: Castman.exe

Gender: Male

Element/Subtype: Normal/Recovery


Head -Upper : dark magician hat with pointy top, cast's emblem at the center
-middle : opera mask
-lower : opera mask

Hand -Right : white gloves
-Left : white gloves, broken cuffs

Body -Upper & lower : worn out cape that fully cover his body as well as his arms and legs....

Gender: Male

Personality: Silent, always obey his operator, never run away from a battle, dislikes 'kill steal' navi, only talks to his operator, stands on the 'Kill All in One Shot' phrase, wants to be an independent navi, went berserk if his enemy too annoying.

Custon Weapon: Staff of Castman ( or just a rod that attached to a magical red orb ). Uses his staff to hit enemies(normal buster atk and charged shot)....

Signature attack: Napalm Beat - charge an energy blast towards the enemy, doing 40 damage...if there's other object near the target, it'll do spread damage and the damage will be divided between enemies....only spread once, 1TCD....